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Annually the Association is required to take a "head count" of all agents under the brokerage umbrella of all our PRIMARY Designated REALTOR members.  Because Florida REALTORS provides us with this information on a monthly basis, it saves our members quite a bit of time so we wont need information about your brokerage that holds REALTOR membership.
One thing we do not have, is a list of all of the referral office or Limited Function Referral Office (LFRO) agents in which you hold licenses.  We ask that if you are a PRIMARY Broker/Designated REALTOR with the West Volusia Association of REALTORS, that you complete this form.  If you do not have a Referral Office/Company or Limited Function Referral Office you may ignore this form. 

The form is simple, please complete the following information and we will use the current DBPR roster for your official Limited Function Referral Office roster to certify and complete the count. Once you click "Submit" there is nothing more for you to do. 

Annual Limited Function Referral Office
LFRO AGENT Count (2023)

Limited Function Referral Office Certification

Thank You! Your Certification has been Submitted!

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