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Individuals who have at least $3,000,000.00 in qualified production, or teams who reach the required production thresholds may submit their application to WVAR. There is no fee required and paper applications will not be available or accepted. Only applications for COE that were made using this online form will be accepted.

2023 Circle of Excellence Sales Society

  1. There is no longer a fee for the Circle of Excellence Sale Society (implemented in 2020, WVAR Realtor Members only).  WVAR has eliminated the Beacon Newspaper ad based on member feedback, which now will allow us to offer membership in the Circle of Excellence Sales Society at no cost to members.  Members will be provided with digital marketing materials to promote their membership in the Circle of Excellence and will continue to be promoted on the WVAR Website as well as WVAR social media outlets.  Media kits and logos will be available MID-December.

  2. WVAR is not permitted to limit membership in the Circle of Excellence to those who are members of the West Volusia Association of REALTORS under the NAR Universal Access Rule. However, WVAR has set up this program to be a member benefit, so non members will be required to pay a non-member fee of $150.00 to participate in the club. Members of other associations who wish to participate, must contact our office and provide us with a letter of good standing before submitting this application.  Non-WVAR members who complete this form without providing a letter of good standing will not be admitted to the 2023 Circle of Excellence Sales Society. Non WVAR members will be permitted to participate in the sales club, but will not be included on items where WVAR member dollars are required to promote the club.

  3. For teams who have taken on new team members who are newly licensed, they may pro-rate monthly sales to $250,000.00 per month to ensure team eligibility.  This does NOT apply to newly licensed or re-activated members who seek COE membership as an individual.  Pro-ration is for the months the newly licensed member has been active with the team.

  4. If it is your first time in the Circle of Excellence, you will need to notify WVAR (through the form below) that you would like a legacy plaque, provided at the cost of around $59.95; actual cost will be passed on to the individual.  If you do not notify WVAR using this form that you would like a legacy plaque, one will not be ordered for you. This will be billed separately, and the plaque will be delivered to your mailbox sometime in December or January.  Year plates for existing plaques are provided for each individual who already have a legacy plaque at no charge and will also be mailed.  PLEASE NOTE, THE LEGACY PLAQUE IS JUST FOR THE ACTUAL PLAQUE.  ALL RETURNING MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE YEAR PLATES TO PUT ON THEIR EXISTING PLAQUES AT NO COST.

Applications for 2023 Circle of Excellence is now closed.  Applications for the 2024 Sales Club will be avialable in the fall of 2023.

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